social graces



Your time is precious. Make the most of your visit by arriving 30 minutes prior to your massage, facial or body treatment appointments so you can enjoy your spa experience without rushing. Because we tailor every guest treatment, this allows us time to understand your treatment goals and customize your session to deliver outstanding results.




Timing is everything. We want all of our guests to get the most out of their spa experience, so please understand that your treatment will end on time, so as not to inconvenience the next guest. Guests who arrive late for appointments will receive the time remaining for their scheduled service and the fee will remain unchanged. 




Please enjoy our line of The Spa at Leiper’s Fork amenities in our locker rooms. We provide a full range of hair styling tools and body products for your convenience. Although a locker is provided to store your belongings while visiting the spa, we request that you please leave valuables at home, as we are not responsible for lost or stolen items.



digital detox

This is your time to enjoy the quiet sanctuary of The Spa at Leiper’s Fork. When visiting, we encourage you to unplug and take this time to connect with yourself, develop mindful habits and remember to breathe. Please leave devices in your locker or if you must have with you, please silence all sounds. To be mindful of other guest experiences, we ask that you refrain from cell phone usage while in the spa and keep conversation low.



what to expect -
your comfort is key

When experiencing our facials, massages and body treatments we want you to undress to your comfort level. It’s never required that you be completely unclothed, however most guests remove all clothing (including undergarments) so that products do not stain. Therapists will leave the room while you remove your robe and get under the sheet on the treatment bed. Our therapists are well trained in draping. With the exception of the area that is being worked on, during your treatment you will remain covered at all times.



young ones

Unless your child has an appointment, we respectfully request grown-up time only at the spa. Massage services are reserved for those only 18 years or older. Guests under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian in the room while services are performed.